Career Transition

There are numerous reasons you might be motivated to change your job or occupation. You may be looking for career advancement, a better work environment or more money. You may be relocating to a new state or country. You may be downsized, right-sized or your job may be eliminated. Your company may fold all together. Career Transition is all about repackaging yourself to meet the requirements of a new job or occupation. In many cases, helping employers envision how your current skills will propel you forward in a new field is all it takes. For others, different lengths of training will be needed to make a transition.

Lee, age 56

"My coach worked with me to develop a resume that highlighted my strengths, skills and passions. I learned what types of work and work environments might be good fits for me, and I gained an appreciation of how my 'soft skills' could be assets in work settings I may not have considered.

"I learned a great deal from Career Momentum about networking, building on connections I already had, and about doing reverse interviews. At every step in the process, my coach was there to give me constructive feedback that was specific to my needs and interests. She is relentlessly positive, and I carried that positive energy away from our meetings and drew on it in every interview and meeting.

My current position is one I would not have bothered to consider a year ago. There is no doubt in my mind that the work I did with Career Momentum gave me the self-knowledge to see the opportunity, the skills to investigate the position, a resume that highlighted my skills as they would apply to the position, and the assurance to control the interview and make the best presentation possible."