Options Exploration

Have you been looking for work, but don't know what you want, where to look, or how to best present your skills to employers? Are you currently employed, but feel a tug to move on, move up, or out of your current job or occupation? Explore your options, determine your career needs, set career goals, refine your resume, build a solid and supportive network for getting a job or starting a business, and move forward in your career with both focus and direction. Balancing your life, work, and dreams will be the best present you ever gave yourself.

Ben, age 20

"My consultant has helped me look at the interviewing and job application process in a new light, made me more prepared and able to demonstrate my skills to the companies I have recently applied. Mostly, I feel more confident and secure as a person. Knowing I have options does a lot for my goals and general morale."