Finishing school is a joy and relief, but scary too. No more all day classes and annoying tests, but now it's time to pay the rent and start a career. Are you or your graduate wondering how to transition from student to full-time employee or entrepreneur? Not sure what to do with your degree? Need help getting started, focused or in the door to your favorite employer or business lender?

Lucy, age 24

"I was a 24-year old college graduate and after a winter skiing in the Rockies, I decided it was time to find a job. I had no idea where to start but my best friend told me about Career Momentum.

"My consultant and I talked about what aspects of my field interested me most and what sort of jobs might be out there for a person with my background. She introduced me to the idea of a 'functional resume,' and 'informational interviews.' Over the next few months she and I met weekly, with new assignments for me to complete. Within three months of my first call to Career Momentum, I had two job offers.

"One of the greatest aspects of working with Career Momentum was that instead of telling me what to do, my consultant told me how to do it. The benefits of her methods were tenfold. Not only did I get a job, I learned a universal set of basic skills that could help me get jobs in the future, and most importantly, I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself."

- Lucy, 24