Workforce Re-entry

Have you taken an extended break from traditional work to raise children, recover from an injury, return to school, or try out retirement? Are you interested in re-entering the workforce? 

Career Momentum helps you examine your skills, knowledge, interests, experience and dreams as you research and develop tools and techniques for employment. You find the career and jobs that fit your skills, but also respond to your specific work needs and requirements.

Sherril, age 62

"After twelve years of working for a non-profit organization, my job was terminated. Not only did I lose employment, I lost a good part of my identity, much of my self-esteem and all of my self-confidence. Where should I go? What should I do first? What skills do I REALLY have?

Enter Career Momentum, stage right. One look into my coach's kind eyes and at her generous smile: I knew I was in the most capable of hands. My coach has a complete understanding of the needs of a career changer/job seeker and tailors her services to match the unique style, strengths (and weaknesses) and core values of each client. Her strategy is well-balanced and insightful.

Career Momentum begins with a thorough review and critique of your resume, gives objective feedback on interviewing skills, guides you through the most valuable job search techniques, (Networking! Networking!) holds you accountable, and has infinite resources to assist you in designing an action plan that will lead you to professional and personal satisfaction. 

I cannot thank Career Momentum enough for the positive energy (which, by the way, is contagious) as I rediscovered my personality and regained self-confidence."